Seizure of Taiwanese embassy “illegal, offensive and disgraceful”

The Taiwan’s diplomatic headquarters in Managua were captured, The Nicaraguan executive conducted to deliver it to the mainland of China, which has been classified by international legal experts as an act of “seizure, illegality, assault and disgrace.”.

Carlos Humberto Cascante Segura, a professor at the School of Political Science at the University of Costa Rica, described the decision as illegal, and explained that in such cases, Taiwan should be allowed “mandate administration”. Cash matters on hired goods and local staff. “

According to Coscond, in 2007, when the Oscar-winning government recognized China in the Mainland, that was exactly what was done in his country.

“It is the right thing for the Taiwanese authorities to dispose of them (investments and other assets), whether they are following the instructions of the government and selling them, donating or any other possibilities,” Cosconde said.

This Sunday, December 26, in a press release from the Office of the Attorney General (PGR) of the Republic, the government of Daniel Ortega announced the decision to hand over the property to the People’s Republic of China. He approved it last December 9th, Which caused opposition from Taiwan It condemned the illegality and called it the “dictatorial regime” of Managua.

That twist in the speech of Taiwan who was questioned as a donor Who is more generous to Ortega Despite complaints of serious human rights abuses against Nicaraguan citizens, this is seen as an expected approach, and Coscond says the Asian nation’s stories are based on the democracy they represent against the dictatorship of the People’s Republic.

“It simply came to our notice then. As long as the relationship with Managua lasts, they will not express that opinion, ”said the Costa Rican expert.

In its statement on Monday, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Latin American and Caribbean Foreign Ministry denounced the acquisition of real estate by the Ordega regime as preventing “index sales” (donations) to the council. Managua, December 22, was agreed by both parties and announced by local lawyers.

Taiwan released details of the transaction on its Twitter account on Monday, December 27, stating that they had sold their old offices in Managua to the Diocese of Managua for a dollar. “After the Ordega regime ordered Taiwan to leave Nicaragua before Christmas, we sold the embassy to the Archdiocese of Managua. I will seize the property and gift it to #PRC. This is illegal and utterly disgusting. “The tweet, which was finally signed with the initials JW, says it was written by Foreign Minister Joshi Joseph Woo.

The Catholic Church in Nicaragua has not yet declared itself an organization after the government’s decision to ban donations. In line with its approach, Taipei described the People’s Republic of China and Nicaragua as “malicious acts”, while condemning the unusual 13-day deadline set by Ortega and urging embassy staff to leave at most December 23. Country.

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Violated Procedures: Gradual Seizure

A former Nicaraguan ambassador, who was consulted anonymously for security reasons, explained that Ortega’s decision was to confiscate assets that could be claimed by the Chinese populace. “.

The expert explained that it was customary to agree on prudent terms to resolve pending issues if diplomatic breaches were agreed upon, and that a third country might have sought to take responsibility for Taiwan’s affairs, as established in Article 45 of the Vienna Convention. It has governed the relationship between the two states as a matter of course.

According to this protocol, Nicaragua has an obligation to protect the assets of the mission campus even in the event of an armed conflict, and was able to establish mission premises guard for a third state acceptable to Taiwan. Their interests, and the interests of their citizens, did not happen in this case.

“The manner in which the Ordega regime has dealt with Taiwan, in relation to the assets and interests of its diplomatic mission, has not been tolerated, even during the armed conflicts recognized by the Vienna Convention. It is clear that this final decision has had an impact, against the severe political crisis that the country has been experiencing since April 2018, ”the Nicaraguan expert explained.

Former Torrijos consultant supports Ortega’s decision

Julio Yao, an international analyst and former adviser to General Omar Dorijos in Panama and a former agent of Panama before the International Court of Justice, said Taiwan’s assets were valued in 2007 in Costa Rica and in 2017 in mainland China recognized countries such as Panama. In El Salvador 2018.

However, in his opinion, Taiwan’s behavior towards sovereignty should be evaluated, and the Taiwanese authorities in Panama “burned with a mixture of hatred and hoisted the national flag of Panama” and reminded the people of the People’s Republic of China.

Yao was of the view that the Vienna Convention would not apply in the case of Taiwan, and that local property would become “their property” because the people were China’s “legal representatives” before the United Nations (UN).

“In such cases where a definition of the rights of Taiwan and China is required, I recommend that Nicaragua submit a request for consultation to the International Court of Justice in The Hague. If he could not prove acceptance, he answered in a questionnaire Confidential.

According to Yao, Taiwan did the right thing without judging the human rights violations committed by the Nicaraguan administration, which explains the interference in internal affairs.

However, the international community in general has condemned Ortega’s disrespect for the civil rights of its citizens, describing it as “intervention” to prevent the Sandinista leader from responding to the abuses, some of which have been classified as crimes against them. Humanitarianism by international organizations.

The breakup with Taiwan comes amid repression by the Organization of American States (OAS) and its aftermath. Ortega’s fraudulent re-election last November, After the election was called off as a result of the imprisonment of key opposition leaders and the restriction of electoral power.

Yao did not mention any of these points and urged Taiwan to abandon its alliance with the United States because “it would endanger the entire planet.”

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