Seeing that even Paraguay couldn’t beat him, he resigned permanently from El Tri, and United wanted him.

United wanted him and now he is leaving El Tri

He loved it Man Utd, The English club considered him a reinforcement to follow, but now fate has led him to other frontiers. A player who should have contributed a lot, but now seeing the poor state of Mexico, he is leaving El Tri.

Chances are, as the Record reports, to believe Alexander Zendejas Within the Mexican football team, as the athlete decided to leave El Tri permanently.

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Zendejas will also get an invite, according to the source America, As the federation was not aware of calling him to the national team, now, it is clear that the player has not resigned, so he will be called up.

Why is it no longer called Zendejas al Tri?

The problem occurs when the athlete feels pressure to be called Mexico, In order to play friendly, but this pressure turned into an argument, they put the document on the table and tried to get them out. uses.

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