See Starfleet concept art from the 32nd century in the Star Trek: Discovery movie

Third season Star Trek: Discovery It ends on Thursday with “This Hope You Are, Part 2”. Before we get into that, we’ve collected some behind-the-scenes photos from Season 3’s work that contain the concept of new art.

Art Union sends feedback

Today CBS shares two images of concept art in its third season, each containing a collection of Union ships from the 32nd century. These ships were first unveiled at Starfleet’s headquarters in Episode 5 “Die Trying”. We approached each new photo to take a closer look at each ship and provided details for each.

USS Voyager-J – فئة Interruption

The original was clearly inspired by the twenty-fourth century USS Voyager From Star Trek: Voyager.

USS Nok – Class Eisenberg

He called in memory of the latter Arun Eisenberg, Who played Knock Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Woodofy General 2019.

Join the USS – Tuesday Department

It is named after a speculative fiction writer Ursula K. Not Gwen. This ship is commanded Captain Bandera.

USS Matai – Angelo Class

The ship is named after the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Hungarian mate Founder of the Green Belt Movement. The chapter is named after the late poet Maya Angelo.

USS Jabir – The Lesson of Courage

It is named after a thirteenth-century Arab geographer Jubilee Stone.

USS Anan – Saturn Class

Named for the disgraceful diplomat and former Secretary-General of the United Nations Anan Coffee.

The original tweet with attached images is here.

Behind the scenes on Discovery

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of Yesh Gat last week … ‘, shared on social media … CBSPartner show Michael Heaven, And in May Jonathan Frix.

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Composer Jeff Russo performed a short clip of singer Ayana Habib from last week’s episode of Andorran Opera.

Finally, Discovery Sonkawa star Martin-Green shares some of his favorite camera photos from an episode location shoot in Iceland.

New chapters Star Travel: Discovery The first scene on Thursday is b All access to CBS In the United States and abroad CDTV science fiction channel In Canada, it is also available for streaming Badly wanted. The episodes are available internationally on Fridays on Netflix.

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