How to end the failed relationship without mental illness?

Dr. Amira Ahmed, consultant in mental health and family counseling, revealed how to judge the failed relationship that must be terminated or terminated with the other party, and this happens when you lose the ability to continue, “You do not continue, and you try all the ways that directly or indirectly confront you and avoid Hurting the other party “, so that when we cannot find solutions or the ability to continue, that relationship must be ended for the benefit of both parties.

Dr. Amira Ahmed added, during a telephone interview on the “Sweet Speech” program broadcast on the “Echo of the Country” channel, that in that case, both parties should think about finding a suitable way to end this relationship without causing no damage or harm to the other party, pointing out that at that moment the person is confused and unable to find correct and logical solutions, commenting: “I can’t help you.”

He explained that the best and correct way to end relationships is for each party to face the other “face to face”, and this is because the film deserves to respect their feelings and know the reasons for separation and separation, because in all cases there will be a wound, warning: “The other party must be clear and suspicions eat it up.” “.

He added that there are some rules that need to be defined to end the relationship, the first is face-to-face frankness, secondly choosing a suitable place for this moment completely away from a place that connects the two parties with beautiful memories, “because this I would hate the place and create a negative memory about it, “as well as choosing the right time to end that relationship. “It should not be on Eid or New Year’s Eve, for example, because this occasion will be linked to a bad event and injuries.” In this way, it is possible to turn the other party into a psychiatric patient because there is a conditional connection with time and place, and finally that there are real and fundamental reasons for ending the relationship and not list your personal flaws.

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