Secure Mobility is another program that makes it easier for refugees to enter the United States

Miami – The US government announced that it would expand legal routes to the US for refugees and migrants from South America. Central America.

Spokesperson Department of State For Hispanic media, Kristina Rosales said the United States continues to expand access to legal pathways in regional countries to keep vulnerable migrants from making dangerous journeys.

Through the Safe Mobility program, eligible refugees and immigrants are considered for refugee and humanitarian admission programs, and other avenues for legal admission to the United States or other countries that may offer these opportunities. Those interested in immigrating to the United States or other countries participating in the program should take advantage of these safe and legal processes.

The official explained who is eligible to access the scheme and the requirements to be fulfilled.

The initiative facilitates free access to defense and other legal channels for the United States and other countries through the Internet: and secure mobility offices. Rosales explained that the initiative is active in Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

Access to secure mobility offices is free of charge and is by appointment, a State Department spokeswoman said. “Regulations and legal pathways vary from person to person.” The official suggested to consult the accurate and updated information on the page

What legal remedies are available in Mexico?

Rosales explained that the agreement announced in July by the United States and Mexico is part of an initiative in southern Mexico to facilitate access to legal channels and employment opportunities for eligible citizens of Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela already in Mexico. Not related to the Safe Mobility initiative.

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Who is eligible to apply to Colombia?

The Safe Mobility Initiative in Colombia processes requests from citizens Cuba, Haiti and Venezuela They are in Colombia. To qualify, individuals must have been legally present in Colombia on or before June 11.

Rosales said the office in Colombia does not offer services to Colombian citizens.

Who is eligible to apply in Costa Rica?

At the same time, he explained that the Safe Mobility initiative in Costa Rica is processing applications from people. Nicaraguan and Venezuelan Those who have been in Costa Rica on or before June 12, 2023.

Starting August 15, the website is accepting applications from Nicaraguan and Venezuelan citizens in Costa Rica.

Who is eligible to apply in Guatemala?

The Safe Mobility Initiative in Guatemala previously processed funds from citizens of El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.As of August 10, Guatemala is only processing applications from citizens. Other nationalities are not eligible to apply at this stage.


Meanwhile, through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Safe Movement Program, refugees and eligible migrants are considered for resettlement and resettlement in the U.S. or other countries that may offer these opportunities.

UNHCR confirmed access to Mobility Segura offices It is by appointment only Offered by phone or prior contact. “Appointments will not be given in person at the offices. The final decision in all cases will be made by the US government.”

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