Francisco Javier: “In practice, this government is a disaster”

Francisco Javier Garcia, a member of the political committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), denounced the “spontaneous and massive” layoffs of professionals and technicians in various regions as “paralysis” in most public institutions.

Advertising has only increased in this administration. In practice, this government is a disaster. Public institutions are practically paralyzed as all technical equipment has been canceled, ”said the former tourism minister.

The former ruling party leader in the national district said that technicians and professionals are respected in PLT governments and that is why, from the very beginning of PLT’s efforts, companies have not been paralyzed.

“Almost all public institutions are paralyzed today,” Javier Garcia said.

In that line, he cited high inflation, denouncing the Dominican family as a situation of “serious danger” to the agricultural sector, along with the rise and shortage of key commodities in a state of frustration and distress. The “great support” given to the field by former President Danilo Medina and all these “mistakes” will bring the PLD back to power.

“With almost three years left in this administration, it is absolutely certain that the PLD will lead the Dominican Republic on August 16, 2024,” concluded Francisco Javier Garcia.

The reports of the former officer were prepared during the meeting of the PLD leaders of the electoral district in the capital, within the framework of the Travel Secretariat.

The assembly, chaired by Secretary-General Charles Mariotti, was attended by members of the Central Committee on Boundary Decision, Interim Committees and Basic Committees, and members of the Political Committee, Margarita Bimentel, Communication with the Circle and Domingo. Contreras.

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