INE advisers disapprove of 4T YouTuber who used meeting room to record podcast

YouTuber and former Morena candidate Juncal Solano with a Quinta party representative before the INE (Photo: Twitter/juncalssolano)

After the scandal erupted Propagandist The self-styled “Fourth Change” (4T), Juncal Solano, to use Session Room General Adviser to the National Electoral Institute (INE) as a system Record a podcast with representative beauty Before being told, deputy Euripides Flores, company officials spoke on the matter this Saturday.

Through his X accounts (formerly Twitter), Election Consultant Dania Ravel and his counterpart Jaime Rivera They disapprove of using the company’s main hall to carry this type of content. And the country is in a federal process and all those in charge of the INE must respect constitutional principles Equality and impartiality in competition.

In this sense, Ravel indicated that it Unprecedented truth Also Jose Romo, head of the INE Communications Section, No authorization sought For this:

“I have never before known that the Common Council Chamber (which was not in session) was used by a party to hold an interview. We are told that it was an “interpretation error” where a section head, a new recruit, made a decision without consulting his superiors.

Counselor Tania Ravel (Photo: Twitter/INEMexico)
Counselor Tania Ravel (Photo: Twitter/INEMexico)

For his part, Counselor Rivera emphasized that “There is no good reason for authorizing anyone to use the Common Council chamber for that purpose.”

In this regard, citizens, journalists and researchers have requested through networks Responsibility and permission to those concerned, no political party has ever used INE facilities for campaigning before. Even members of the dam can enter the main hall only during general sessions.

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Also, other network users have mentioned that since the arrival Guadalupe Dade As Chief Counsel, the Election Arbiter showed conviction “permission” Before “Illegal” presidential campaigns From Morena, even from the opposition constituency.

But unlike the company’s former president, Lorenzo Cordova, Daddy It has been well received by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and legislators of 4T.

INE's presidential advisor, Guadalupe Taddei, receives a gift from the Morena delegation as he presents his budget proposal for 2024 (Photo: Twitter/INEMexico)
INE’s presidential advisor, Guadalupe Taddei, receives a gift from the Morena delegation as he presents his budget proposal for 2024 (Photo: Twitter/INEMexico)

A common room is not a public placeAs the alternative (Morena before INE) says, one of many alleged errors […] Why is Morena taking those ‘liberties’ now?” wrote the journalist Millennium TVJanet Lopez Ponce.

In this regard, Juncal Solano responded, affirmatively “Convenience” Journalists and experts reason now INE “belongs to the people.”

“Transcendental changes (sic) in institutions, now that they are owned by the people, are attainable and accessible; “This disturbs and disturbs the traditional media and the leaders who believed they were their owners.”

“I call upon the lady outside that the premises have been misused, to report herself,” he added.

September 16 till 4:00 PM, INE has not released an official position of the case.

Apart from the YouTube channel, there is also a podcast called Jungle Solano Horseshoe of democracyThere he regularly conducts interviews 4T characters.

Registration in the INE meeting room (Photo: Twitter/juncalssolano)
Registration in the INE meeting room (Photo: Twitter/juncalssolano)

It is the Jalisco influencer who shared the images and videos of this September 15 interview with Euripides Flores, who calls himself an “Operatorist” lawyer through his Instagram account:

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“Friends, we are sending from INE today. We met our colleague Euripides, our representative from the Morena party […] How to forget the clashes with Lorenzo Cordova (Former President of INE) and most importantly, what is coming in 2024…”, he mentioned in his stories.

After the incident went viral and caused outrage, the Morenoist deputy confirmed his membership in the General Assembly, justifying his use of the facilities with a voice but no vote. You have the right to use the said space.

(Screenshot: Instagram/euripidesf)
(Screenshot: Instagram/euripidesf)

“I guess those who criticize the interview @juncalsolano did with me at Herradura de la Democracia do so out of ignorance. They don’t like it, but I am a member of the INE CG and I have the right to use that public space (of people),” he argued.

In the 2021 by-elections, Solano ran against Morena for local representative in his state, but he did not get enough votes.

And, that A partner in a company A telecommunication call contactsreceived in the same year Discounts Through Central Telecommunication Corporation (IFT)

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