Sebastian Cordova’s official announcement to Sivas has already been dated

On arrival Sebastian Cordova Al Club Guadalajara Can not go back, on the contrary, there is already a provisional date for the official announcement of the leadership Rojiplanka joins attacking midfielder for 2022 Glasura match, he is still from the US, A fierce rival of Guadalajara.

+ Shivas Stove football heading to the 2022 Glasura of the MX League

Will be next Monday, December 6 When leadership Repano Socrato, led by Amuri Vergara and Ricardo Palace, reports on the arrival of C கோrdoba, He was on a youth team for the Eagles, but he was in his first game First division with Nexus, When Marcelo Liano was the Rayos coach in 2018.

According to a spokesman for Jesus Hernandez from Multimedios, everything refers to it Guadalajara has decided to announce the hiring of the Mexican team. The player will not be in the alleged press conference because he is focused Tricolor for the match against Chile That would be friendly to controversyl Wednesday, December 8, in Dallas, Texas.

“A conference is expected to take place this Monday Although Sebastian Cordova is not there, who is on the Mexican national team And playing in friendly matches Dallas vs. Chile “, Hernandez was part of the comment, making it clear that the deal between the clubs is a fact that they need to fix personal and contract issues because Uriel Antuna is not sure what America is offering him.

Cordova did not have the details to sign with Sivas

“Cordova defines contract issues, pay issues, cuts And the most important issue, tax issues. And let me be clear, it is not In exchange, Cordova earns a third of what Antuna earns And at the time of change, everyone wants significant improvement. Not so in the case of Cர்டrdoba As a joke for the numbers he earned in Copa and the “Brujo” salary It’s very high and in the United States they do not want to do it equally, beyond that ”.

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