Minint ›Cuba› Granma reports that they have found the body of young Alfredo Alejandro Diaz Aleman

The lifeless body of young Alfredo Alejandro Diaz Aleman, who has been missing since November 26, was found this Friday. Lt. Col. William González Hernández, head of the Civil Defense of the Matanzas military region, said.

The Matanzas newspaper Girón published the news after a week’s search near the area where Theas Aleman is estimated to have entered the sea to carry out his routine breathing exercises. The boy was last seen near the exit of the Paso Malo Canal in the Madansas area on the Hikagos Peninsula.

At 11 a.m., Gonzalez Hernandez said a sports boat with fishermen and a diver (Dias Aleman’s family and friends) found the body at a depth of 33 meters on 30th Street, near Villa Galetta.

After informing the fire rescue and rescue team, they transferred the body to forensic medicine, where it is currently.

Alfredo Alejandro, 22, is a former freedom fighter in the Paso Malo Canal.

“Perhaps he was overconfident and spent a long time in the water with the opposite weight, not noticing the change in the weather after a few hours,” Yuri Diaz Montenegro, an Agency No. 3 technician in Cuba, told Granma in days. Before.

Lt. Col. Gonzalez Hernandez confirmed to local media that no effort or resources were spared in the search.

The Fire and Rescue Team, Civil Defense, Marilyn Navy and Red Cross rescue divers participated in the underwater investigation.

Experts from the Ministry of Forensic Medicine and Science, Technology and the Environment were also present to identify the movements of the currents and waves.

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