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There has been speculation in the entertainment world for months about the imminent breakup of one of the most famous marriages in entertainment.

It’s about himStarring Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian CaicedoOn many occasions he has hinted at the decision to take different paths on a conscious level.

It is known that the actress was out of the country to participate in several projects, while Sebastian Caicedo will be in Miami. But in the last days, Villalobos shared that he returned to Bogata And, passionately, he said that in a few days To celebrate his birthday. For his part, the actor is known to be in Medellin.

The fact that both are in Colombia and Villalobos’ birthday is so close has got many thinking. A reunion between the artists is possible after weeks of speculation.

Villalobos shared a video on Instagram in which he summarizes various moments of his daily life, but he is always seen alone. He came with the following message: “July is here and this month I invite you to start over… Let go of all that hurts and open your arms to all that is positive. Take care of yourself one at a time, with a great attitude. In essence. Welcome to July, the sweetest month of the year”.

In recent days, fans have noticed that the actors are still liking each other’s photos. This is the only recent interaction between the pair on the Internet in more than ten years.

Recently It was speculated that Kaiseido would already have a new love interest.

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The actor took to his Instagram account to post some photos of himself having dinner with a woman other than his wife.

Netizens immediately found the unknown’s profile and found it to be Sarah Mantoya, an “influencer” who travels the world on her social networks.

On her Instagram account where Sarah has over 70k followers, she posted a story with Kaiseido. In the photo, the two appear together with a white heart with the words “I adore you”.

Caicedo and Montoya often communicate on social networks.


Instagram: @saramontoyam

Fans still don’t know if this is a romantic couple or a friend. However, followers are focusing on the social networks of Sebastian and Carmen Villalobos to find any clues of the alleged breakup.

Followers of the couple have emphasized the lack of recent photos together.

A few weeks ago, in an interview with ‘Mescal TV’ media, Carmen Villalobos confirmed that their relationship is stable, But they decided to remove it from social networks for a while.

“What happens is when you’re always showing off the relationship and everything is so public, it’s a little weird not seeing us together anymore.”

According to him, having a constant relationship in the public eye caused them problems, that’s why They decided not to show themselves together for a while. It is noteworthy that both of them met in 2007 when they recorded the novel ‘No one in the world is eternal’.

“This is our decision since the beginning of the year. Divide the race, divide the people because He still has his life, I still have mine, and sometimes it just mixes and rollsSo we decided not to look together so that each of us can continue to create those dreams and personal things that we have”, confirmed the actress, adding, ‘There is no heaven without breasts’.

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Carmen insists that even though they are not physically together, they are emotionally together. Well, Sebastián is immersed in his plans and continues to focus on the recordings of the new edition of the novel ‘Hasta que la plata nos sebre’ (2022), which is already in its final stage of production.


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