Tigers surprises and training in the style of ‘The Squid Game’ Video

Mexico City /

2021 marked by the outrage of the series becoming a global phenomenon:Squid game‘, A Korean product Netflix It caused a stir and now promotes exercise Tigers.

Image of MX League, Movement Miguel Herrera, Decided to test an exercise inspired by one of the matches seen in the series’Red light-green light‘.

Was in University Stadium He said Loose Herrera He decided to implement his new practice and gave instructions to the players to dominate the ball.

The Tigers are getting ready to face Braves of Juarez On the last date of the regular phase of the competition Opening in 2021 From MX League, A fight he must win to ensure he passes directly to Liquila.

What is ‘The Squid Game’?

Popular product known as’Squid game‘(‘Squid game‘In Latin America) became the most watched series in the history of streaming service Netflix.

It is Nine chapters In which A rivalry develops It is attended by those who aspire to improve their economic status and children have to play a series of games to win Millionaire Prize, Even if they lose their lives in that attempt.

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