Scientists develop universal biological clock capable of predicting aging

A consortium of researchers has developed a mathematical model, or biological clock, capable of predicting tissue aging in humans and mammals.

Humans generally know that the useful life of our organs and bodies will come to an end, we still don’t know the exact moment when this happens. Scientists have developed A universal biological clock is capable of predicting aging.

The Mathematical formula Rate accurately Age in all mammalian species, From mice, bats, whales and humans. Studies published in Science And Natural agingFocus on the change in DNA It could revolutionize the science of aging.

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The human biological clock

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He Mammalian Methylation ConsortiumIt was made up of 200 researchers from around the world, and collected and analyzed the data 15,000 tissue samples from 348 mammalian species. The scientists investigated Effects of methylation on DNA.

The findings were allowed Development of a mathematical model called “Universal Pan-Mammalian Clock”.. The formula can accurately estimate the age of tissue and is applicable to any mammal.

“We have discovered that the lifespan of mammals is closely related to chemical changes in the DNA molecule, specifically called epigenetics or, more precisely, methylation” Steve Horvat, lead author of both articles, said, He is also an expert in the aging process

Jason ErnstProfessor of Biochemistry, Informatics and Medicine University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), He explained the importance of tailored technology.

“The technology we designed Measure DNA methylation levels In mammals (…) led to the production of a very unique dataset, when analyzed with advanced computational tools and statistics, revealed A deeper understanding of the relationship between DNA methylation, lifespan, aging and other biological processes in mammals”.

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The key lies in methylation and DNA modification

He The team of researchers’ study focuses on methylation, chemical modification of cytosine. It is assumed One of the four basic building blocks of the DNA molecule.

“DNA methylation is a mechanism by which cells can control gene expression, turning genes on or off. In these studies, the researchers focused on DNA methylation differences between organisms where the DNA sequence is generally the same,” say the UCLA researchers.

The Universal biological clocks can be predicted from methylation analysis Mortality risk in humans and miceIt is valuable for preliminary studies.

“An intervention that transforms Epigenetic age In a mouse, depending on the clock, the same applies to humans,” they said in a statement.

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