Scientists develop technology that erases memories

This Wednesday a group of Japanese scientists revealed the development of a neural-optic system capable of manipulating memories, inspired by the device manipulated by the ‘Men in Black’ (‘Men in Black’).

The research highlights a technique that hinders nerve activity, known as ‘long-term potentiation’, essential for memory formationexplained Akihiro Goto, a scientist at the University of Kyoto.

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Goto also mentioned that the experiment has been carried out with mice that were exposed to light twice and as a result, rodents completely lost the information they learned.

“It was surprising that the removal of local LTP by directed illumination clearly erased the memory”Goto said.

Regarding the similarity to the artifact that appears in the movie ‘Men in Black’, the scientist explained:

“There is something similar and that is that our team also used light to deactivate cofilinHowever, scientifically we delve into a protein essential for LTP and synapse function, the specialized intercellular functional approach between neurons. This study could serve to counteract diseases like AAlzheimer’s or schizophrenia“, said.

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