Carmen Salinas may have spoken, and her family makes a revelation

What he said caused a great deal of controversy Carmen Salinas Placeholder Image Love can mean first Actress He would have spoken in the words of his daughter Maria Eugenia Placencia Salinas or at least tried to do so.

According to Arguende TV’s Dael Quiroz, nephew and first hand Carmen Salinas LozanoGustavo Briones said the famous television star raised his voice, which his daughter described as a word that made them so happy and made the doctors reconsider.

Faced with the possibility of an improvement in her health, Maria Eugenia and the producer’s family were delighted with the symptom, which was noticed by her daughter and immediately pointed out to doctors; However, what the experts say about it is not discussed.

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On one occasion the daughter was memorable Carmelida salinas He pointed out that his mother had moved her legs, in which case he refused to amputate her. Maria Eugenia, the famous woman did not want to touch his feet, shared less of the itching, he decided to do something, and in return, Salinas moved.

No matter what the family says, doctors point out that this is not a sign of improvement because movement in various parts of the body can be a spontaneous reaction and not what Carmen Salinas commanded to his brain.

Did Carmen Salinas speak? His health is likely to improve. Photo: AFP.

Then came hope, because Salinas was said to have bleeding and not having a stroke, noting that this could indicate that he could have gotten up after his brain was removed, and a fourth specialist refused to reconsider it.

The doctor summoned from abroad promised that the bleeding and stroke were the same, only a second talk, so there was no prediction that the actress’ condition would not change and she would not wake up. It was also reported that there was no medical history of someone waking up who was Carmen’s ill.

Still, Maria Eugenia’s decision to reunite with her mother took weeks, months, or years. Carmen Salinas Placeholder Image Living worthy; However, some are against this decision because they say he should already let her rest and go to the side of her beloved son Petrito, who lost 27 years ago.

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