Today my relationship with Alexis Valdez ends forever

Cuban host Alexander Otola vows to end his relationship with popular comedian Alexis Valdez today after he slammed his YouTube channel for several of the artist’s videos he used in his show.

“This afternoon I’m going to wrap up my episode with Alexis Valdez, who publicly admitted that she reported some videos to me. I had a really ugly discussion with her, and I talked to Claudia over the weekend. Today I’m going to talk like never before. About Alexis Valdez, from all the things people don’t dare say. Today with her. “My relationship is over forever. I’ve already lost what little respect I have left,” he assured.

“I’m going to end that chapter in my life because I’m not the one who needs a promotion, that’s why I’m ending this chapter today. Next time you see me promoting, calling or mentioning something. Do it with him, you can spit on me. “Face”, he told his supporters. said and promised to give all the details in his program this afternoon.

According to Otola, Alexis “made the biggest foundation that a content creator can do. He and Imare Ulloa’s manager, Eddie Escobar, take the networks to Alexis, and now I’m convinced that all of Cornotta’s attacks are related to them. Use it as a spear to do what they don’t have the courage to do.”

In an earlier video, Alexis had said that it’s not okay for influencers, YouTubers and content creators to use other people’s videos without permission.

“You can’t use content created by an artist to include in your project and then want to charge for it and monetize it, because that’s intellectual property theft and we live in a country called America. The laws, it’s not barbarism, the laws here protect creativity,” the comedian explained.

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“You can’t use the material to make a square, and someone can’t come and see Painting On your screen, it’s rude to say it later. I use your show time in my skit, not mine or the content creators. It should be respected.”

“You have to ask for permission because it’s intellectual property work. We live in America, we don’t live in Cuba anymore, where they show American movies and they don’t pay anybody. It can’t be done. . If you work as a YouTuber or an influencer, your work is already being monitored.” If you have a niche with a large following,” he said.

Otola said it was already a personal matter. “What was the point of Alexis reporting three videos from 2017 about the Nerida character? Alexis is not a good person, she’s a hypocrite, and I’m going to tell her because she’s already good. I’m tired,” he assured.

“I have always treated him gently, treated him with respect and had the tact to avoid affecting his image. I only talked about public opinion, I said nothing about his personal life. I lost the thread of logic,” he added.

“It’s not with Claudia or the family, it’s with Alexis and Eddie Escobar. You rats, trying to screw up a channel you can’t beat. You’re wrong. If there’s a cowardly and insecure person in this life, it’s called Alexis Valdez. I don’t think you can handle this pressure, But it won’t stay that way. Tonight I say everything, and we will close this chapter forever,” he concluded.

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