SCIENCE WEEK is once again face to face at FACEN – UNA – Nacionales

Intermediate-level students from across the country will be able to learn about the work of scientific research being conducted at UNA’s Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences (FACEN) during the traditional Science Week, or SeCien, which will be July 26-28. After two years of the pandemic with virtual activities, this year the boys will be returning to visit the San Lorenzo campus for activity.

In a participatory, interactive and playful environment, with a multidisciplinary approach, children will be able to visit science week In its ninth edition, the first face-to-face after two hypothetical years due to the pandemic. event will be From 26 to 28 JulyFrom 07:30 to 17:00 and they can participate the students From the middle level of the whole country, along with their teachers.

The organizers explained that it is not necessary to pre-register for this activity, it is free and intended for children to know about its work. scientific reseach Implemented in the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences (the face(from the National University of Asuncion)a), on the San Lorenzo campus where the event will be held.

Andrea Fraguedafrom FACEN, explained that Science Week takes place systematically Since 2013. During the event, high school teachers and students can learn about the scientific research work conducted in the college and learn about various Academic Offers They offer, which are 13 in total.

interactive science experiments

Children and teachers participate in scientific activities, educational games and interactive experiences Designed and implemented by researchers, educators, and students, Fragida said. The teachers You will be able to share knowledge with its parts and with members university community.

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He woke up benefit of students to study Sciences and the Maths It’s another goal they pursue with Science Week.

Faragueda emphasized that since its first release, every year Participation in Science Week about 3000 studentswho are doing an extensive tour of FACEN, to learn about all the jobs they offer and LabsIn addition to participating in it, it is interesting experimentsHe stressed his interaction with science, which is “not boring at all”.

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