Julio Iglesias’ son reveals his father’s true health

That’s not news Julio Iglesias He is one of the most important artists the world, and keeps his personal life as private as possible. That’s why there have been rumors about some people lately problems That he would cause his suffering Health. Regarding this topic, your son Julius Joseph IglesiasRecently attended his cousin’s wedding, where he was approached by questions about his father’s health. “My father is wonderful” Answer from the singer’s son.

Julio Iglesias Jr.: “My father was amazing”

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Julio Iglesias has used his home in the Bahamas to stay safe and spend the days of severe isolation experienced by the entire planet. The fact is that very little was known about the translator’s life, which fueled constant rumors about his health. Even Argentine journalist Jorge Real assured that “El Puma” Jose Luis Rodríguez had told him that Julio was mentally ill and that he used a wheelchair. Then something that “El Puma” denied.


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