Science sets a date for the end of the sun

Scientific research determined the date on which the sun will die. Now the main star of the solar system has about 4570 million years of age and a stable composition. This way, there is still plenty of time to finish.

Thanks to the database containing the intrinsic properties of hundreds of thousands of stars, it has become possible Predicting the end of the sun. Among the data in this database is data mission gaia The European Space Agency (ESA), which controls the apparent brightness and color of the star as seen from Earth. However, converting this data into specific properties of the Sun requires hard work.

The sun currently has about 4.57 billion years of lifeWhich means she is in her middle age. In addition, it contains a file Fairly stable configurationand merging hydrogen into helium. However, as the hydrogen fuel in its core is exhausted, changes in the fusion process will begin and its surface temperature will drop.

secondly, The surface temperature of the Sun is about 6000K. In this sense, the oldest stars have temperatures from 3000 thousand to 10000 thousand. The team of Orlag Crevi, from the Observatory of the Côte d’Azur (France) analyzed all the Gaia data in order to obtain a “really pure sample of stars with high-resolution measurements”. By analyzing all the available data and drawing a Hertzsprung-Russell (HR) diagram, they determined how the Sun Temperature and luster will vary when you grow up

Finally, they were able to determine that the sun would reach it The maximum temperature is about 8000 million years It cools down and then increases in size. next one, You will become a red giant star Between 10 and 11,000 million years ago. After that, he will reach the end of his life, becoming faint white dwarf. In conclusion, for the time being, there is no need to worry, since our star is still about 11,000 million years away.

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