Science reveals at what age we find true love, you will be surprised!

Still can’t find your ideal partner? Maybe you are only very young, we explain what are the love math Y at what age do you find love true according to science. You can not lose this.


Recently, the renowned mathematician Hannah Fry revealed what the age ideal to find the love, according to the writer of the book ‘Las love math‘. Based on equations and algorithms, there is a span of age in which we can find the true love.

The famous mathematics teacher at the University of London recently published in the newspaper The Guardian a study where it revealed in what period of age we found the true love.

According to Hannah Fry, between the ages of 27 and 35 you are much more likely to find your ideal partner. According to this interesting scientific study, in reality until the age of 27 we have a true criterion to determine what we expect in a relationship, what we look for in a partner and what we are willing to give and receive in a love relationship.

Perhaps we think that during our youth we found the true loveBut in reality, according to Hannah Fry, we are genetically predisposed to ruining our first relationships.

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