Science reveals a trick that if you do it in the morning you’ll burn twice as much fat as when you exercise

the truth The practice of fasting has been the subject of many scientific studies analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of this method. The same former national coach, Luis Enrique, admitted during the recent Qatar World Cup that training on an empty stomach is one of his secrets. To lose more fat and increase the effectiveness of exercises.

For exercise I do it on an empty stomach And when I finish training if I feel like breakfast or I can wait until lunch. It depends on how I feel. At first, I defined it as something tangible, and now it goes according to the feeling I’m feeling.”

Breakfast: yes or no?

The truth is Fasting physical activity does indeed have some advantages but only if certain conditions are met; Otherwise, it could backfire. Various studies Showed that more body fat is burned by exercising before breakfast. Among the most important data was provided by Tunisian scientists who evaluated the effects of physical activity on men during the month of Ramadan, which is the period when Muslims fast during daylight hours.

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