Miss Universe 2022 has relinquished her crown and announced her new replacement

R’Bonney Gabriel Nola, the new Miss Universe 2022 from the United States, has announced that she has relinquished her crown as her country’s beauty queen. She can no longer fulfill the duties and responsibilities of being Miss USA. This is because of the new responsibilities of being Miss Universe.

Amid severe criticism and Fraud allegations Still on the heels of her coronation as the new reigning beauty queen, R’Bonney Gabriel has resigned from her duties as Miss USA 2022. The reason for the letter is to fulfill her duties as the new Miss Universe.

The 28-year-old will now be crowned America’s new national queen: Morgan Roman. A 25-year-old model who represented the state of North Carolina.

Romano was first runner-up in the national competition, which Gabriel controversially won. Now she will take Gabrielle’s place in the upcoming Miss USA pageant.

Producer RPM, one of the producers responsible for the Miss USA preliminaries. Advertising R’Bonney will crown Morgan Romano as the new Miss USA this Friday, January 27 at 8:30 PM EST/7:30 PM CST.

Miss Universe 2022 has relinquished her crown and announced her new replacement

Miss Universe 2022 and its cheating points

When R’Bonney won Miss USA 2022, several of her colleagues filed a formal complaint. Alleging that his victory was riggedHence her work as Miss Universe is also constantly questioned and with many criticisms from the international public.

Following the scandal, the Miss Universe Organization intervened in the Miss USA pageant. This, they maintain from the system, while a thorough investigation is carried out by a third party. The investigation is being conducted by law firm Holland & Knight. The findings are then used as a basis for appropriate action, remember CNN.

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A large portion of viewers and other beauty pageant experts confirm that Amanda DudamelRepresentative of Venezuela, or Andrea Martinez, from the Dominican Republic, must have been the real Miss Universe of the most recent edition. However, America’s win surprised everyone and caused widespread debate on social networks.

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