Science is also sung with the musical ‘Ramona y Cajal’

CASTELLÓ. The first floor of the Museu de les Ciències de València invites you to enjoy music and science with the exhibition Play. Science and music and from this Thursday also with the new show of the Theater of Science, the scientific musical Ramona and Cajal. The secret of the Science Museum.

Because the sciences and the arts are not only not confronted but are part of the complete corpus of our culture. It is what is addressed in the exhibition Play. Science and music. The image that welcomes this exhibition is Albert Einstein playing the violin. On this same floor, there is the Science Theater, a multidisciplinary space where demonstrations, shows and live scientific representations are staged.

As of October 28, this relationship between science and letters is staged with the scientific musical work Ramona and Cajal. The secret of the Museum. It is a musical comedy that combines popular science with theater where curiosity is the main star. And among its many surprises, the popular scientist Albert Einstein again appears to explain in a rap way what relativity is. Through a staging with original songs, animations and audiovisual effects, Ramona and Cajal. The secret of the Museum, the only scientific musical in Spain, a fun musical performance for family audiences.

Two young people, Ramona and Cajal, will live a night of adventures at the Museu de les Ciències while they search for a hidden secret inside and play with their imagination. During these hours they will meet key figures in the history of science, such as the Greek Agnodice, considered the first woman scientist in history, who tells them how she was a gynecologist at a time when science was forbidden to women. They will also sing with Newton’s apple ‘The Rap of Universal Gravitation’ and will be amazed to hear Einstein himself rapping about the secrets of space and time.

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The popular scientist explains his famous equation, Darwin what he really meant by natural selection and Stephen Hawking encourages living life with humor instead of pain and caring for the planet. Other great personalities will meet the protagonists to bring us closer to the most relevant moments of science. Hypatia of Alexandria, the actress Hedy Lamarr, who devised a defense system that was the basis of Wi-Fi and bluetooh, the astrophysicist Vera Rubin, Rosalind Franklin or the mathematician Maryam Mirzajani also appear prominent in the work.

This original show by Juan Luis Mira, Also directed by him, it has been carried out in collaboration with the Master in Applied Dramatic Art of the University of Alicante, with John Sanderson, academic director of said Master, in charge of the production.

High voltage

Also in the Theater of Science the show is performed High voltage‘Bells that sound without touching them, candles that are extinguished with a metal rod without the need to blow, jumping rings, electric arcs that cross space, or neon tubes that light up when touching their ends, are some of the experiences that literally put the creeps in this show that is part of the Theater of Science. Another of the most striking instruments is the Tesla Coil, a transformer with spectacular effects, such as the rays it produces of more than one meter.

Both shows are included in the entrance to the Museu de les Ciències. You can book a session at the info point on the first floor (subject to availability)

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