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The National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) today established the relationship of political parties with rights to the non-electoral space that governs until the next general elections.

According to Management Resolution No. 002757-2021-GSFP / ONPE, published in the newsletter of Legal Norms of the Official Gazette El Peruano, this benefit reaches those political groups that have obtained representation in the Congress of the Republic.

These are the groups of the Free Peru National Political Party, Popular Force, Popular Renewal, Popular Action, Alliance for Progress, Advance Country, Together for Peru, We Are Peru Democratic Party, We Can Peru and the Purple Party.

In this sense, the state-owned media are obliged to grant each of these parties five minutes a month to disseminate their proposals and proposals.

Likewise, it does not entail the loss of the space assigned to said party and, that the incorporation of a resigning congressman to another political party without parliamentary representation does not grant the new party the right to assign non-electoral space.

In addition, Article 36 of the aforementioned Regulation, regulates that the Management issues and publishes the corresponding resolution, with the relationship of the political parties with the right to the non-electoral space that governs until the next general elections.

The device is signed by the manager of the Party Funds Supervision Management, Margarita María Díaz Picasso.


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Posted on: 9/3/2021

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