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When I was a kid in elementary school, I was lucky because they installed an inflatable dome where they were showing movies, and it was an enriching experience. But I found a visit to the Papalot Museum even more impressive. Although I was very young, I can remember exactly how excited I was when I first discovered a museum.
Today, I realized that I would have loved the opportunity to learn and learn about science from an early age. However, I never went to places like museums or cultural events in my city on a regular basis. I wonder what my life would have been like if I had been able to have early experiences with science, especially domestic science?
All this intrigues me, and I’m not going to lie, because in the year 2023, Caracol has worked hard to offer a variety of activities that involve kids and teens, bringing them closer to science and interactive activities.
Visiting a museum is a different learning experience than what children and young people are used to, but for Caracol to visit your school with a series of educational and interactive workshops is something we have not done before.
Throughout this year, the Education Services team has introduced many initiatives to further promote science in our city, we seek all schools to have the experience of enjoying the activities we are developing, and for this reason, we have been offering for a few months a range of activities for all students called ‘Snail all in one’.
This package includes a visit to the Karakol Museum, where students can immerse themselves in exhibitions, workshops, and an impressive planetarium. In addition, we provide transportation to facilitate transportation of students to the museum and to their school.
but this is not all. We also introduce the ‘Snail to Your School’ activity, which consists of three simultaneous workshops in Astronomy, Biology, Marine Science and Engineering, designed so that all students can enjoy and learn in a fun and interactive way from their classroom. This new educational package allows all students to learn and explore new areas of curiosity.
As someone who cares about education today, and is well aware of the amazement science can inspire in all young people, I am excited by the idea that all students who reside in my city have the opportunity to experience these experiences from a young age. age.
I will continue to work with the entire Caracol team to bring our activities to all schools, just as our founder did in the beginning.

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