Lyon became the first city to designate a space for fair trade

Leon City Council Welfare and Youth Advisor Vera López discovered this morning the monolith that gives its name to what will be the Trade Fair Park of today, located on Plácido Herrero de Prado, making Leon the first Spanish city to designate a fair trade space.

The council member confirmed that “our city has been recognized as a ‘City of Fair Trade’ since 2011 thanks to the fulfillment of the five criteria of excellence required to obtain this title from the State Coordinator of Fair Trade Cities.”

Lopez added that the sixth condition still had to be met, designating a space in the city for fair trade as it has been done today. In this regard, he recalled that the plenary session of the Lyon City Council approved this distinction on October 28, which has become a reality today.

“It is only fair that we meet today in this garden. The Chancellor affirmed.

Vera López was accompanied at the event by councilors from the León City Council, members of the city’s fair trade working group, the president of the Commercio Justo and state fair trade coordinator Marta Mangrani.

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