Science.-Copernicus was born 548 years ago. Eight quotes from his thought


This February 19 marks the 548th anniversary of the birth, in 1473, of the Polish astronomer Nicolás Copernicus, who formulated the heliocentric theory: it is the Earth that circles the Sun, not the other way around.

Copernicus spent about twenty-five years working on the development of his model of the universe. At that time it was difficult for scientists to accept it, since it was a real revolution. His view of the world can be summarized in the following chosen quotes:

– “First of all, we must know that the universe is spherical”.

– “As sitting on a royal throne, the Sun governs the family of planets that revolve around it.”

– “Know that we know what we know and know that we do not know what we do not know; that is true knowledge.”

– “The Universe has been forged for us by a supremely good and ordered Creator.”

– “The sky of the fixed stars is the highest of all that is visible.”

– “I’m not so in love with my own opinions to ignore what others might think of them.”

– “It is possible that the things that I am saying now are dark, but they will be clarified in the place that corresponds to them.

– “The movement of the Earth alone is enough to explain so many apparent inequalities in the heavens”.

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