Science contributions to Villa Clara are recognized

In the best case scenario, the Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara’s sculpture complexthe provincial law is implemented in the presence of the member of the Central Committee of the party and its first secretary in Villa Clara, Osnai Miguel Colina and Alberto López Diaz, governor of the province.

At this time, 51 organizations, institutions, scientific centers, companies and municipalities have been recognized that during the year 2022 they have supported, with their action, the wealth of Cuban science.

The best works are also incentivized by commissions from the Cuban Academy of Sciences and Technological Innovation Awards, at the provincial level.

At the suggestion of the National Federation of Education, Science and Sports Secretariat, it was agreed to establish for the sole occasion, Seal of the 60th Anniversary of the Literacy Campaign for workers, union leaders, and labor groups engaged in teaching and research; Citma regional delegation in the province received the seal.

Besides the Distinguished by Rafael Maria de Mendev It was delivered to workers from the Institute of Plant Biotechnology of the Marta Abreu Central University in Las Villas.

Journalism from Villa Clara was also recognized at the celebration, in the personalities of two journalistic professionals with long experience in communicating scientific contributions to the province: Dalia Reyes Pereira and Ricardo González.

This year, the Regional Quality Award, which is an internationally recognized practice as a means of stimulating continuous improvement and raising levels of quality, efficiency and competitiveness of production and services, was awarded to Biochemical Activities Centre From the Territory Graduate House.

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Many organizations and institutions have recognized the provincial delegation of science, technology and environment, and in a special way the provincial government and party have highlighted the contributions of these workers to the economic and social development of the province.

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