Science and technology are encouraged on Knowledge Day 2.4

Knowledge, science and technology continue to fascinate girls, boys and young people in the various activities carried out on Knowledge Day in Chiapas 2.4.

In Tuxtla Gutierrez, and in the facilities of the Tuxtla Planetarium and the Museum of Chiapas, as well as in high schools and high schools, keynote presentations were held such as “Experiments in Research in Plant Biotechnology”, presented by Dr. Federico Gutierrez Miceli, from the National Institute of Technology of Mexico, Campus Tuxtla Gutiérrez, a distinguished researcher with extensive experience in the fields of sustainable agriculture and soil science.

In continuation of this scientific festival, the conference “Artificial Intelligence: Utopia or End of the World?” was held. Dictated by Manuel Tonatiuh Moreno Ramos, screenwriter and short film director, CuriosaMente channel.

With an emotional symposium, in which he encouraged the young people attending not to put restrictions on themselves, but to persevere to achieve their goals, Cesar Andres Cruz Palacios, who has a visual impairment, addressed the topic “Technology in People with Disabilities”, in the conference hall facilities of the Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation,

A children's science panel discussion, with its director Lorena Rojas Nocamendi, and with the participation of children Julian Humberto Castañón, Freddy Eret Velasquez Galindo, Xochitl Guadalupe Cruz Lopez, Michel Alejandra Arellano Guillén, and Jesús Emiliano Canaveral Gutierrez, was held at the Tuxtla Planetarium.

Also held were the workshops “Networks of the Future: Enabling the Digital Age with Artificial Intelligence Maya Quetzal Comunicaciones” at the ICTI Robotics Area, Educational Robotics Expo Workshop, with Abel Castellanos Espinosa, from the American School Foundation of Chiapas AC, at the ICTI Stadium, “Teaching Science From a gender perspective Dr. Sandra Aurora González Sánchez, researcher at UNICACH, in the ICTI Boardroom.

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The exhibition: Promoting the rights of girls, boys and adolescents in the DIF system, was held in the ICTI halls; the “Teaching Strategy Workshop using Recreational Materials as Reinforcement for Multiplication” was held by the National Association of Mathematics Teachers, Chiapas delegation, and the “River Pump Demonstration” ” by the State Water Institute, activities that were carried out in the halls of ICTI.

Students participated in the ICTI halls with an interesting CONAFE KidSmart display. The Play, Touch and Read with Your Hands exhibition was also held at the Regional Museum of Anthropology and History at ICTI Stadium.

The “Experiment Table Workshop” given by María Lovina Ramos Moreno, science teacher at the Technical Secondary Schools “held in the halls of the Tuxtla Planetarium”, and the programming workshop and Steam interactive board game club, taught by Ángel Eduardo Morales Coutinho, from the Education and Information Technology Directorate of SE.

Science was popularized in Comitán with the “Conference How to Win a Nobel Prize?”, presented by Daniel de la Torre Guzmán, from the National Polytechnic Institute, at the Rosario Castellanos Museum. and “Conference on Emotional Health and Social Networks in Adolescents,” by Sarah Grecil Barrientos Abadia of the Pablo Guardado Chavez University.

Finally, the conference concluded with the Mathematics Olympiad in the classroom of Dr. Sergio Guzmán Sánchez, delegate of OMM and OMMEB Chiapas, in the “ICTI 3D Room” and the “Star Observation, Symphonic Band and ICTIECH Night Tour, in the “ICTI Balcony” and the “K'AB Science Project Workshop in Signs You Know Birds”, at CIMSUR San Cristóbal de las Casas, among many other activities and workshops.

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