Sayane has made her fans crazy with this new film

The Puerto Rican singer has inspired hundreds of compliments among his followers with his latest release. See what it’s all about.

October 27 has already been booked for Saiyan. A new song is coming, and with it a new look, which can be seen in the preview shared by the Puerto Rican star on social networks.

He showed his fans a small part of the video clip, the translator of “Sleep”, “Tezaria Dodo” and “A Century Without You”. “I’m excited to show you the video for my new song ‘Need a Second’ which is part of my new album 🎥 Available October 27th 📅,” wrote the artist.

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The announcement sent her followers into a frenzy as, according to a new picture she is showing, at 55, Sayane looks better than ever.

Photo: AFP

“I’ll give you all the seconds you need and a whole night to meet again at a concert. Have a great weekend.💜🌼💜”, “I’ll give you all the seconds you want you’re the best with your music”, “What a meme!”, “I need more!!! I want to hear it ❤️❤️”, “What a hot look”, “That’s it!! 🙌❤️🔥”, “Blessed God 😍 what a man so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”, “Great!! More A little please!! I want to be 27 already!!😍❤️💃”, “I’m dying”, were some of the comments that prompted the post.

For the occasion, the singer, whose real name is Elmer Figueroa Arce, decided to grow a slightly gray beard, as well as short hair. Sayane is like fine wine to those who admire her.

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