Sao Paulo's president congratulates James: new opportunity or sale?

He was with the national team footballer Julio Casares at the end of the game against Brazil.

The Columbia exam With this was built on Tuesday Brazil A complex game ended in a draw and now the Nestor Lorenzo-led side, who face Panama, dictate the top spot in Group D.

Early on, Brazil would start the match with a great goal from Rafinha from a free kick, but before the end of the first half, Colombia leveled the game with Daniel Muñoz making a save from Joan Cordoba's excellent pass.

Well, the highest point in the entire tournament, apart from Munoz and other players James Rodriguez Man of the match again and has already held the award for three games.

James has shone in attack and defense, as he did against Paraguay and Costa Rica, and his left foot is better than ever as he continues with a high percentage of completed passes and crosses.

Likewise, James had two clear opportunities to score against Brazil, but overall he has been a standout performer at this Copa America.

Considering this outstanding performance, at his club, The Bye Paulo They don't want to miss the big moment, that's why the head of the company, Julio CaceresLevis was at the stadium to watch the fight between the Colombians and the Brazilians.

After the game, James and Caceres met in the mixed zone and spoke for several minutes. After the speech, many speculations began to arise as to whether the chairman's presence was to confirm that he is trusted at the club or to inform him of the potential concessions they have for his rights.

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With James' excellent performance in the Copa America, it is worth noting that Besiktas will captain the national team again next season, according to Turkish journalist Serdar Ali Celikler.

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