Sao del 8: This is the humble house where Ramon Valdez lived

Mr. RamanPerformed by Anbar Ramon ValdezThe children have always been one of the most beloved characters in the series “8 Year Old Boy”. La Cilindrina’s grumpy, but humble father and always taking a beating from Chavo made his way into the hearts of fans across America. This is evident every time the characters travel on their tours.

The character of La Vecindad had many points in common with reality Ramon Valdez. But one thing they definitely didn’t share was annoyance, as the translator in real life Mr. Raman He was kind and generous to his fans (especially children). Humility is something the two Ramones certainly share. Because, like the neighbors “8 Year Old Boy” He didn’t have a lot of money and the actor couldn’t amass a huge fortune either.

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