Sandy Kimenes praised Raul Jimenez: he was one of the best forwards

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Thanks for his successful career, Raul Jimenez As revealed, the new generation was able to become a benchmark for Mexican footballers Santiago Kimines.

Cruise Asul player focused on Choice MexicanA, Praised the element Wolverhampton. “Raul Jimenez He is Mexico’s most important striker And The most important thing in the world “The 20-year-old footballer mentioned in an interview with W Deportes.

In the same speech, Shanti ‘Mexican Wolf’ highlighted everything that won, and it does it all An example to follow For the son of Christian ‘Sacco’ Kimines, he was crowned MX League With The Machine a few months ago.

“Today Is the criterion for the Mexican national team And no other striker in the world. He is a great player, an example to follow Overcoming adversity, rejoicing, I think he is in a better moment today despite the injury, he has recovered his status beyond that moment. My clear note today We have to learn, “he commented.

It should be remembered that the friendly game in between Mexican team And like this Ecuador, Raul Jiménez was not invited by them Aya Martino Because it doesn’t Close FIFA, So someone from Tepeji del Río can get active again திரி Until November.

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