Cuban baseball player denounces extortion during World Baseball Classic

It’s over World Baseball ClassicSame with that Cuba After progressing to the semi-finals, he played an outstanding role. Their aspirations ended when they fell to tournament runners-up USA.

Yadir Drake, who plays in Mexico, has been at the center of controversy since he played World Classic commitments in Chinese Taipei. Raisel Iglesias’ phone was used to criticize him for his comments against the national team.

“My people, I have hacked my accounts. My personal information is exposed, personal data and more. They are extorting money from me with the data they were able to get from my phone and my lawyers are taking it,” the islander wrote.

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They accuse him of treason

Many Cuban fans blamed Drake Participating with ‘Team Azere’ could be attributed to Cuban baseball players with their poor memory or complicity with a regime that has historically used the sport for its propaganda.and sportsmen as soldiers in the service of the so-called “revolution”, preventing their professional development and return to the country if they leave it, applying the qualification of “traitors” to many of them.

“Baseball player Yadir Drake (who does not live in Cuba) has been traveling and living with the Azare team for a few weeks and now his accounts have been hacked. “When things like this happen, the first thing you do is think about where you left your phone in plain sight and who was nearby when you clicked on a suspicious link,” journalist Jose Raul Gallego said on Facebook.

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Drake lashed out at people who went to protest in Miami against the Cuban government and said in the video that “They talk a lot about homeland and life, if I don’t know what freedom is … As much as they criticize us, disrespect people in the stands, throw things at their wives and children… and they talk about freedom. What is it people?”

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