Salvadoran tourists enter Honduras and enjoy Fistas Acostinas

El Amatillo, Valle.

Some Over the weekend, 1,500 tourists entered Honduras for starters August Festivals Neighboring country El Salvador.

The biometric control system of the National Migration Agency (INM), 1,007 Salvadorans, entered the country for tourism reasons through land representatives in El Amatillo, Walleye, most of whom went to Rotten and Bay Islands.

Then Boundary closure In 2020, due to a health emergency declared in the country by the Govt-19 epidemic, tourist arrivals were banned, but now El Amadillo has registered a reactivation with life-saving measures.

Migration officials said the place, which was mostly announced by Salvador tourists this weekend, was beautiful Rotten Beaches in the Bay Islands.

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Another land border point that recorded the entry of Salvadoran tourists The Boy, In Okotebeek, 399 passengers at the weekend, 48 of them minors.

National and foreign tourists can use this tool And comply with other requirements for entry and exit into the country.

Migration said border points have already been strengthened to provide quicker and quicker attention, in anticipation of continued tourist arrivals throughout the week. Life-saving equipment and fans were also provided to welcome and recall the health measures imposed by the country’s health authorities.

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