Salinas Pliego responded with a semi-metro; Close the nano asami here

Medio Metro and Ricardo Salinas Filico Two characters that are constant Trending on social mediaThrough your videos or comments.

On this occasion, the two fought TwitterAfter criticizing the famous dancer Patrick Borghetti After controversial comments against the actress that were labeled racist Halle Bailey, star of ‘The Little Mermaid’.

How did the case between Medio Metro and Salinas Filico begin?

After the interview From Patricio Borghetti to Halle Bailey It became a trend Media criticized the Metro driver For the comments he made, he accused him of being unprepared Leave the bad picture behind Internationally.

“Patricio Borghetti demonstrates a lack of preparedness for conducting interviews, which gives a terrible impression of nationally televised programs. But what can you expect from TV Azteca when the owner is so mean?“.

What did the owner of TV Azteca respond?

Everyone knows that RICARDO SALINAS BILICO He usually responds directly and openly to those who speak ill of him or his companies, so he never hesitates. To protect the driver of his TV station.

“Now cover my ass and start dancing!”.

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