Salary as an alternative to JCE follows the results of DSE and Ombudsman

5 The action of the full session of the Central Electoral Board (JCE), which fixed the salary at 225,000 pesos per month for alternatives and other benefits, is similar to the ombudsman, which is more than the similar decisions previously accepted by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (JCE), albeit at very low levels.

The first 5 alternatives of the DSE began to receive 40,000 pesos, which were later increased to 51,324 pesos. When they are called alternately, they are given an amount equal to the earnings of the named judge.

At the ombudsman, the second replacement was given 50,000 pesos and then raised to 75,000, in coordination with the Ministry of Personnel Management (MAP).

The first transferee did not receive that benefit because he was a tax attorney, but when he changed ownership, he took leave and received an amount equal to what he earned.

They claim to use the law
Alternatives to the TSE and JCE have demanded participation in work and pay, which has reached administrative and constitutional jurisdictions.

Although they do not legally provide specific functions, to cover up the absence of a holder, organic laws open up the opportunity for them to perform certain functions.

Law 15-19, the Organic of the Electoral Rule, establishes in paragraph 29, Article 29 that alternative members shall enjoy the same salary as regular members “when they are called upon to change or when they are incorporated into the functions considered in the Electoral Act.” 11 has a similar rule.

As an alternative to the DSE, advocate Rosa Perez argues that the rules of the JCE’s full arrangement are to enforce the claims made at the time by the JCE and the court’s alternatives.

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“What this means is that we are not a headless project and we hope the court will do it in a timely manner because not only is it a matter of law, it also logically strengthens the electoral structures,” he stressed. .

Substitutes are part of the structure of the company and were selected with the same needs of those in positions.

He recalled that during the last election process, he and alternate Bernanke Ramos were appointed as judges of special instruction for a period of eight months to hear claims related to election crimes.

He wants to call wage food in lieu of pay because it does not create labor rights because they have no health insurance, no paid leave and they do not contribute to social security.

Act 19-01, which establishes the Ombudsman, provides for the appointment of two replacements. That law implies that they will have rights and obligations similar to the duties of an ombudsman.

The ombudsman, Soyla Martinez Quante, explained to Liston Diario that in addition to covering up her absence, transgender people have represented her in operations and gone to help with tasks.

The pay was not paid to them, but he considers that they earned it.

“We went to the Ministry of Public Administration, which helped us control both the salary and the corporate chart, and the first and second alternatives were given the same,” the guard said.

At the March 18 session, Dolores Wanahi Bello Total, Prado Lopez Corniel, Freddie Angel Castro, Anibelka Rosario and Hroyda Marcel Fernandez Guzman were offered alternative salaries and equivalent fuel at JCE for 11 and 8. Respectively of fixed salary. In addition, he gave them holiday bonuses, Easter royalties and medical insurance.

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JCE Secretary-General Son Beldrey Rameres said in an official letter to the beneficiaries of the move that the amount they receive for the work and the alternatives should not exceed the salary of the named member attending.

Bello Total was appointed to oversee the diagnosis and electoral quality management system; Lopez Cornel to the Advisory Commission on Electoral Boards and Political Parties; Castro Diaz to the School of Electoral Training and Civil Registry, Rosario to the Advisory Commission of Electoral Boards and Fernandes Guzman to the Advisory Commission on Voting Abroad.

From 2018, J.C.E.

At that time, the transgender people, Jose Miguel Minier, Jose Lino, Luis Garcia, Rafael Evangelista and Juan Cuevas put forward their request to the JCE. Then, in January 2019, they asked for information about a computer program.

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