Ryan Reynolds responds when Blake Lively releases its second Med Gala 2022 outfit

Blake Lively She established herself as one of the best dressed stars on the red carpet Met art 2022 came and he changed his pants in a few minutes.

Monday, star Gossip-womanThe co-chair of this year’s event hit the red carpet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with her husband Ryan Reynolds.

For the first dress of the night, Lively followed the theme of the night: “America: A Fashion Anthology” and Dress code “Golden Glamor.” The actress arrived in a strapless dress Verse Back and matching satin gloves with copper colored dome. The actress joined her Look With emerald earrings and small turban.

Lively then quickly changed clothes, requiring the help of three team members to undress before posing on the red carpet in the second outfit of the night. The second dress had the same strapless dress, but instead had turquoise dropping.

The actress has to change her gloves to match the turquoise tail that landed on the steps of the red carpet when posing before the event.

On Twitter, the audience and fans applauded Look Lively wrote, “They unleash Blake Lively as a #Medcala gift.”

“Blake Lively presents the gala moment, we do not know what we need. Spectacular,” another person wrote, while another commented, “Blake Lively came in and woke everyone up. Once a legend, always a legend.”

Lively’s dress pays homage to various New York City symbols, such as the Statue of Liberty, which France presented to the United States in 1885, which came in copper, but later rusted and faded. , Which inspired the blouse of his dress. He also noted that the ceiling of Grand Central Station was dressed with painted stars.

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This moment had an adorable reaction from Reynolds as he watched his wife change clothes on the iconic steps of the Mets and applauded and laughed.

This response received extra praise from the audience and they were delighted with the show of love. “They’re so cute!” One wrote, another joked: “She’s not special, I just look at her. Excuse me.”

You can follow the live broadcast of this year’s event Here.

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