Airlines ensure operational safety while redesigning airspace; They demand more attention from Seneam

National Chamber of Air Transport (Kanero) stated that, under no circumstances would the safety of crews, passengers and aircraft in Mexico be allowed to be compromised and that during the process of redesigning the airspace in the Valley of Mexico, it maintained constant contacts with the authorities, in particular with the navigation services in Mexican airspacecinemaand the Federal Civil Aviation Agency.horizons) “to ensure the highest levels of security”.

But he urged the Senate to place “highest priority” on reports that have been in place for months and to allow appropriate diagnosis and risk mitigation measures.”

International organizations such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA)International Air Transport Association) to ensure the highest levels of safety for air operations and passengers.

Thus, the organization announced its position, after the International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations (IFALPA) announced in a security bulletin about accidents of flights with low fuel reserves due to long patterns. Wait or transfer to the ground, a large number of ground proximity alerts at Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

From the point of view of the Federation after the opening of Philippe Angeles International Airport (AifaThe required training for personnel assigned to manage the new airspace was not provided.

“La Canaero will continue to work with its members and authorities, while providing timely follow-up to reports submitted by national and foreign pilots, and urges Seneam to attend with the highest priority on reports submitted months ago and allow the diagnosis to be known and the corresponding risk mitigation measures”, flower.

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Among the companies that are part of the said chamber: Aeroméxico, Aeromar, Air Canada, Avianca, LATAM, Lufthansa and Copa.

For its part, VivaAerobus, which is not part of KaneroConfirmed: All our operations are carried out safely and in full compliance with the procedures and policies established by the authorities and the company, in constant and permanent coordination with the air traffic services in the United Arab Emirates. cinemain order to improve and reduce the impacts that may occur on our passengers due to flow control and waiting patterns towards Mexico City Airport.

VivaAerobus affirms its commitment to maintaining secure operations throughout its network and is made available to cinema and AFAC to simulate it and all of its technical infrastructure, to review and test again and, where appropriate, modify any procedure that requires it,” explained the airline upon request. The Economist.

For its part, Volaris, which is not a subsidiary and is the company that carries the largest number of passengers in the country, has not commented on the matter.


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