Russia will drop the space station in 2028 to create its own space

Moscow, Russia /

Russian Space Agency, Roscosmos expects the country to abandon its mission to the International Space Station (ISS) by 2028. It hopes to build a new Russian orbital station, according to the decisions of the Science and Technology Council at the time.

“The Council has recommended Roscosmos, a state agency Eliminate the risks involved Technical conditions of the Russian section of the ISS and its results Exploitation is planned for 2028, Decide to start designing the exterior New Orbital StationThe text says.

The Russian station project is expected Completed by 2025, According to the official Russian news agency Sputnik.

Prior to October 2020, the head of the Russian section of the ISS, Vladimir Solovyov presented the structure of the new station, Consisting of at least five modules: base, production, material supply (warehouse), site Assembly, launch, reception and maintenance, aerospace and commercial equipment Capable for four tourists, two large windows and provided WiFi access.

The openness of the station’s architecture and the possibility of changing volumes guarantee unlimited operation, and it orbits the earth at 4 heights.00 kilometers with a slope of 98 kilometers This will allow us to observe the entire surface of the planet, especially the Arctic and the North Sea.

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