Russia tests first hypersonic missile launch from submarine

Moscow, Russia.

The Russian Defense Ministry said today that the Russian navy was testing for the first time the launch of hypersonic cruise missiles “Zircon” from the submarine.

According to a statement from the military, the missiles were fired from a submarine “Chevroletvinks” in the White Sea against a naval purpose in the Barents Sea.

In total, two missiles were launched, the first from the surface and the other from a depth of 40 meters.

“According to the target control data, the missile aircraft was associated with the required parameters and affected the target,” the Russian Defense Ministry said, describing the test as successful, which was carried out on the surface of the first launch. Sea ..

The Russian military says the depth of the missile’s launch “corresponds to the required parameters.”

Russia has already tested these types of missiles from Russian ships by 2020.

During surface tests, the launched missiles reached a maximum altitude of 28 km and destroyed targets at a distance of 450 km.

These missiles are capable of generating more hypersonic speeds than the Mac 8.

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