Russia deploys surprise 'turtle tank' with anti-drone shell in Ukraine

Russia deploys surprise 'turtle tank' with a shell to defend itself against drones in Ukraine – X

Russia has deployed a curious armored vehicle that has never been announced on the Ukrainian battlefield: the Tortoiseshell tank. A curious shell covers the entire top of the device, giving it a more invulnerable appearance from the air.

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According to specialist website opex360, this armored-looking vehicle is the result of a serious search for protection against aggressive first-person video (FPV) drones. .com.

Experts have not yet agreed whether this is a new vehicle or a modification of an existing vehicle, but at first glance the shell covers almost the entire tank and greatly limits its situational awareness, its firing range and its mobility when it is installed.

After the first pictures of the tank moving with a convoy appeared, close-up pictures of the tank were found in a garage, showing a crude trapezoidal steel structure, the supports of which were fixed to the plate. It's not clear if netting or fencing was installed on the front and back after filming, but it would make sense given its intended use.

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