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In the next few days, Luis Miguel could be charged with fraud and other crimes by an Argentine judge, after rumors began that the singer used doubles for his performances at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires.

The complainant’s lawyer, Roberto Casorla Yalet, told the media AndesThere he also revealed that “the jury will be impaneled and the prosecutor’s office will intervene to evaluate Luis Miguel’s final actions.”

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Did Luis Miguel use twins for his 2023 tour?

Journalist Luis Ventura was one of the first to reveal that the author of “La Incondicional” at the start of the 2023 tour was not, but rather a double.

This is what he revealed on the show.”I don’t like rumours”: “Firstly, he is very small in height, secondly, he does not have the back of the real Luis Miguel (…) There are things that can be changed, muscle mass, losing kilos to lose, but cannot touch the bones.”

He also hinted that he is sure that the real “Soul de Mexico” is watching how his twins do their job on the small screen.

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Luis Miguel’s plastic surgeon opinion

For his part, Luis Miguel’s plastic surgeon Cristian Pérez Ladorre pointed out that the change in the patient’s appearance is not surprising, since he not only lost weight through intensive diets and the use of Ozembic and Rybelsus, but also with rhinoplasty and a neck surgery.

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However, looking at photos of the alleged duo at the concert, he does not deny the possibility of it being another person instead of the singer: “I have to tell you, it’s not for me”, because the truth is I see. A completely different Luis Miguel, eyes”, he further pointed out “I don’t like rumours”.


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