Rubiales apologizes to Jenny Hermoso for kiss: “Of course I was wrong, it was without any bad faith”

Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), was criticized for kissing the player on the mouth. Jenny is beautiful The president’s public apology came at the World Cup medal ceremony for Spain.

In a two-minute video released by the federation, Rubiales apologized for what happened and softened with a single word: “Of course.” Rubiales says in the video: “Of course I was wrong, I have to admit that. Without malicious intent, in a moment of maximum desperation and Without any bad faithWhat happened happened, very spontaneously.”

At the time, during the celebration after the competition ended and the medals were awarded, the president assured that “it was not understood, we saw it as normal, normal”. And he added, “No one is giving it too much importance,” but, after seeing the uproar, “I have no choice but to apologize if there are victims, and I have to apologize.”

“There are some statements from my side too, and in this context, it seems silly to me to say that, because no one here attaches the slightest importance to it,” he commented on his first statements. “Pay no attention to fools and fools,” he asked.

“I want to apologize to those who understand that if they saw it differently from the outside, they certainly had their reasons,” he said in the video, which was not posted on the federation’s Twitter account or its account. Website..

“Hey, I don’t like it. (…) But what can I do? Look at me, look at me!” Hermoso made the comments in the locker room, broadcast live on Instagram in a few words.

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