“Royal Anatomy” of Carlos III.

Hours before his coronation, at age 73, King Carlos III He is the oldest monarch to ascend the throne in British history.The second Edward VII only waited until the age of 59 to succeed Queen Victoria.

Charles Felipe Arthur Jorge or Carlos Felipe Arturo Jorge in Spanish is the longest-serving heir to the throne. Because he held office from the age of three And since leaving the Royal Navy in 1976, he has become a full-time public figure.

A key part of his role as Prince of Wales and heir to the throne was “Support Her Majesty the Queen as a focal point of national prideUnity, loyalty and uniting people from all sectors of society, representing stability and continuity, highlighting achievements and emphasizing the importance of service and the voluntary sector through encouragement and example.

As Prince he often represents the Queen to welcome dignitaries to England and attend dinners during state visits. He often represents the Queen and the United Kingdom abroad at ceremonial and state funerals.

His first trip abroad was to represent the Queen at the funeral of Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt. In December 1967, he accompanied Queen Elizabeth on her first state visit to the interior in July 1969 for Finnish President Urho Kekkonen.

Foreign trips

Carlos III is the most traveled heir apparent to the throne.

His first overseas tour came at the age of five, when he and three-year-old Princess Anne were welcomed home aboard the new royal yacht Britannia after his grand coronation tour to meet the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

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Charles III and the Princes of Wales.EFE

The Prince of Wales traveled to promote British diplomatic interests and raise England’s profile abroad. Considered one of the most important ambassadors of the United Kingdom.

These visits allowed Carlos to familiarize himself with a wide range of international issues and meet with many heads of state and high officials.

During his mother’s historic visits to places like Russia, he was often the first. He visited St. Petersburg in 1994, becoming the highest-ranking member of the royal family to do so since the Russian Revolution.

In 2019, there was the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall Members of the first British royal family to visit Cuba. During the visit they laid a wreath at the Jose Marti Memorial in Havana, Cuba and met with President Miguel Díaz-Canel from March 24 to 27.


From 1967 to 1970, Carlos III studied at Cambridge University, where he became The first monarch in UK history to hold a university degree.

Among other hobbies, the prince is a qualified pilot and diver, has played polo for more than 40 years, knows how to play the cello, and is a watercolor painter, like his great-grandmother Queen Victoria.

Although he describes himself as a “serious amateur”, he is an honorary member of the Royal Academy and the Royal Watercolor Society, where lithographs of his paintings are sold with the proceeds going to his charity.

Charity work and noble causes

King Charles founded around 20 charities, each of which raise over £100 million each year for different charitable causes, and chairs over 400 organisations.

Among the causes defended by Carlos III, the following can be highlighted: welfare of youth; Support Britain’s rural and farming communitiesPromoting tolerance and greater understanding between different religions and communities, conservation of the natural environment, quality and sustainability of the built environment, preservation of the arts and perpetuation of traditional heritage and craft skills.

Arthur George sought to find ways for his charities to work for the benefit of the international community, and he often visited projects set up by his own charities during his travels abroad.

The monarch has been promoting environmental awareness since the 1970s. He made his first speech on environmental issues in Cardiff at the age of 21 as the leader of the Welsh Countryside Committee.

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