Verified people with a blue badge will come to Gmail

When you receive a verified email from a business, a blue tick will appear next to their name in your inbox.
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After the Twitter controversy over thousands of verified blue badges disappearing, now Google Post Platform One that adds civility, we don’t believe there will be any controversy on the matterto do

As the company explained, this implementation in Gmail aims to help users determine if a sender is genuine or if they could be a scam. This way, when they receive an email from a company that verified their identity, they’ll see a blue tick next to their name in their inbox.

So, the badge, at least in this first phase, is focused only on businesses. An update to the Brand Indicators for Message Identification (PIMI) technology that Google began testing in Gmail in 2020. Initially, BIMI allowed registered brands to include approved logos in their emails. A blue badge is an indicator This makes it easier to tell if it’s legitimate.

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Also, when the user hovers over the badge in Gmail, they will see a popup saying “The sender of this email has verified their availability”. [el dominio desde el que se envió] And the logo in the profile picture. The popup also contains a link to a page with more information.

According to Google a Blog:

Strong email authentication helps users and email security systems detect and stop spam, and allows senders to leverage your brand trust. It increases trust in email sources and gives readers an immersive experience, creating a better email environment for everyone.

If all goes according to plan, the feature will be available to all users by the end of this week.

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