Rougier Apologizes To Motagua Fans For Scoring Against Tigres And Users Even Olympians Respond This Way!


Argentina goalkeeper Motagua, Jonathan RougierHe was supported by his team’s fans after he admitted to a painful plank Five goals in the fight against Tigres By Concacaf champions 2023.

Rougier was the Blues’ starting goalkeeper in the duel, and had it not been for some remarkable saves, the outcome could have been more negative for the Motakuens cause.

twitter account, The Cyclone BlogMade a post on International Goalkeeper Day and quoted the South American goalkeeper, linking some of his achievements in blue.

Four national titles, a Super Cup, a CONCACAF League Golden Glove and the Honduran (2018) Goalkeeper of the Year award are some of Jonathan Rougier’s achievements during his stay in Honduras.

“Thank you so much, Johnny”, the aforementioned account closes the message, with the goalkeeper taking the opportunity to send a brief but heartfelt message to the Blues’ fans. “Thank you and sorry,” he replied.

Rougier’s response raised several questions. It reached over 7,000 impressions, 120 likes, 15 retweets and many messages promoting the goal.

They answer that it is Rougier

“You should not apologize, let others ask but not you. Thank you for always being on duty, you are our captain, we are with you. Cheer up, it’s time to win the league,” the user wrote. Fonseca.

Carlos Aguirre He said, “Excuse me for what? Nothing to condemn, on the contrary, thanks completely for protecting the shield with professionalism and above all with love. Greetings…”. George Hernandez wrote “Great Rougier. thank you very much! You were one of those who stood up yesterday, thank you for winning the hearts of the fans with effort and hard work, there is still a long way to go!”

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Continued blue fan responses, Catherine Penny He let him know it: “Forgive me? We have nothing to blame you for. You have given us so much and we have given you so little. Thank you always, Johnny. Oscar RopilioThe man, who identified himself as an Olympia fan, said: “Argueraso, he recognizes himself as belonging to Albo here.”

Another follower of Albo also left his message. “It’s not your fault, it’s the lack of support for Honduran soccer, it’s true. Unfortunately that’s how it is, but you have to move on. From an Olympian at heart.”

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