LeBron meets Michael Jordan again at All-Star Game: “I always wanted to be like him”

LeBron James And Michael Jordan They met again in one of these All-Star’s most commented moments, and after the game, the Lakers star explained how important that moment was to him.

“I do not want to miss the opportunity to shake hands with the man who inspired me throughout my childhood.”LeBron told a post-match press conference.

“I haven’t talked to him much in my 19 years in this business, but without the inspiration of MJ (Michael Jordan) a part of me would not be here. As a kid, I always wanted to be like him. “

James and Jordan share a big hug on the court during the All-Star break, a moment that night NBA Used the opportunity to pay tribute to the 75 best players in its history.

To mark the league’s 75th anniversary, the NBA announced a list of the 75 best players of their entire lives this season.

In this sense, many of the members on that glorious list went to Cleveland (USA) this Sunday to use the All-Star celebration to pay their respects to the League.

Michael “Jordan” was the “magic star” of Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Charles Barkley, Jerry West, Dominic Wilkins, Julius Erwing, Dirk Nowitsky, Shockil O’Neill, Kevin McHale, Reggie Miller, Oscar Robertson and Erwin. Emotional and historical tribute to the pitch.

Some of the more active and appearing players on that prestigious list also appeared, such as LeBron James, Giannis Antodocounbo, Stephen Curry, Carmelo Anthony or Caviar Leonard.

Others could not go to Cleveland, but participated with little video appearance; This is the position of players like Bill Russell, Carl Malone or Steve Nash.

LeBron not only shared that beautiful moment with Jordan on the court, but also noted that one of the Bulls Legend’s classic movements, a successful shot by LeBron Team All-Star, was a “badway”.

For the fifth year in a row since the NBA changed its all-star design, Team LeBron has been successful, this time going to MVP Stephen Curry for a total of 16 triples and 50 points.

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