Roman Jacques: Election boards were afraid to make decisions in the last election

He noted that many of these cases were perpetrated by “holders of determination, ignorance of their functions, forms of representation of justice and fears of a decision that would not affect the interests of the people they know”.

“JCE needs responsible, honest, impartial, trained, full and alternative members of the Electoral Boards with democratic character and values,” said Roman Andrs Jஸ்quez Lான்ranzo, chairman of the Central Electoral Board. Responsibility to be members of Electoral Boards.

Jacques Lironzo stressed that in the last election there were election boards that, precisely or strangely, declared themselves incompetent for everything.

“Why so many decisions declaring inability to hear cases? The efficiency of the Electoral Board is paramount,” the JCE chairman said at a meeting of the Electoral Boards in San Juan de la Maguana this Thursday, calling for a response on the matter.

He noted that many of these cases were carried out by the holders “with the determination to avoid evasion, ignorance of their functions, forms of representing justice and decisions that should not affect the interests of the people they know:” This will never happen again! ” , Said Jacques Liranzo in his closing speech at the meeting.

He said the JCE wants to attract young university students, professionals and members of the community with civic values ​​and that democracy hurts, so in the first four months of 2023 it will record the training and qualifications of instructors. About the people who will create the election colleges in February 2024.

The institute, through the National Electoral Training and Civil Registry (EFEC), has immediately approved the completion of postgraduate degrees in the management and administration of political parties, their members and delegates, graduates in electoral administration in support of political organizations, so that their members can receive a good training in it. Allowing them to act in harmony and in the knowledge of knowledge.

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Similarly, he referred to the creators of the Military Electoral Police for the 2024 election process, saying, “They should know that their service to democracy is on election day.” The Chief of the Electoral Military Police will act with this training and vigilance in a timely manner.

J.C.E. The full session celebrates the third regional meeting

The Central Electoral Board (JCE) held its third regional meeting this Thursday with members and secretaries of election boards in the southern region of the country to conduct a survey and learn about the current situation of 20 dependents. Provinces of San Juan, Elias Bina and Assuwa.

Prior to the final remarks by Jacques Lironso, a nominated member of the JCE, Samir Sami Isa, who was the co-ordinator of the commission, said they would like to reach out to these meetings to find out the issues and situations they may or may not have. Faced with, what could serve as recommendations for the next election process.

“We know there are many problems, we are very concerned and intend to solve them,” he said.

Sami Issa said the goal of the complete plan was to reshuffle the election boards within the next few months.

“According to the law, we will dedicate our efforts to studying all the programs received at those meetings in order to select individuals who will meet a profile of transparency, freedom and integrity,” he said.

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