Ricardo Gareca launches harsh self-criticism after Chile's elimination from 2024 Copa America: “We are too responsible”

Argentina's strategist has made mistakes and admitted mistakes.

The Chile team Removed from Copa America 2024 After a 0-0 draw Canada. Led by technician Ricardo Garecathe 'RedCouldn't advance to the quarter finals of the tournament. This result prompts them to re-evaluate their performance South American Qualifiers 2026.

The Argentine coach took command of the Chilean team with the hope of improving their performance in international competitions. However, his team failed to make a difference on the field during the group stage of the continental tournament. In the three games played, they accumulated two draws and one defeat, which was not enough to stay in the competition.

Now, he will focus on preparing for the next qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup, in which the team will try to secure a place among the top seven in the rankings.

Upon arrival in Santiago, the Argentine strategist spoke to the media and expressed regret for what had happened. Continental competition They managed to add only two points, two draws and one losing result.

“Logically, this is not what we went looking for. We went looking for classification and it didn't happen, sorry, because we had better expectations,” 'tiger' When asked about the performance of the team 'South'.

Likewise, he developed a mea culpa and self-criticism after the actions of his group: “We are very responsible. We are the ones who show an idea of ​​the game, we make the team and the changes, so we have better self-criticism in that aspect.

However, he took the opportunity to highlight the great atmosphere experienced inside. “I had great expectations football-wise. Coexistence was very good, I have to highlight it. Just words of thanks. In football, we go into the most important details, which is the national team and the performance, which we are going to analyze more deeply,” he said.

The Chile team is coached by former Peru coach Ricardo Gareca. Credit: Chile National Team

On the other hand, the 66-year-old coach took aim at the Colombian referee Wilmer Roldan After he sacked Chile Gabriel Suazo, trying to break up a dangerous attacking play, committed a foul too close to his area and saw a second yellow card. Added to this is the elbow in the face obtained by Rodrigo EchevarriaThis was not noticed by VAR.

“The decision seemed to me hasty.” In a game with so much at stake. It seemed to me like a speed race between two players, a collision was very likely, but the scope had to be determined. It didn't seem like the best decision in that regard, because of the time the game was going on and everything that was at stake. There was no aggression that one could explain, and in that sense it seemed urgent to me,” Kareka said.

For the ANFP, Roldan had influence in the competition and his decision harmed his perpetuity in the competition, which is why it was decided to present a formal claim to Conmebol. Also, Mr. In nine matches under Roldan's management, the Chilean team has won only once. A strange statistic“, read the document.

Controversial Moves in Chile-Canada

Regarding the drought 'Southerners'The former Peru coach said: “It doesn't satisfy us, logically we have to score goals and they have to win, but in general Some boys' individual performances are important. Of course there are others that need improvement, but in general we are satisfied with the behavior more than anything.

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Let us remember that Ricardo Gareca He was unable to be in the technical zone against Canada due to a ban imposed by CONMEBOL as a result of one of its players leaving the field late in the second half of the match against Argentina. Regarding this incident, 'skinny' He explained what had happened.

“The rules are very strict. So A minute passed and a player didn't arrive in time And the technician pays the consequences. We try to do everything possible. They are a long way from the locker rooms,” he noted.

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