World villain, without titles or chosen in Spain

Merengus had a very frustrating season among the big teams in Europe, in addition to not winning the championship they suffered painful defeats

Paris Saint-Germain lost the French Championship to an opponent on a ridiculously low budget compared to their own. Juventus, on the other hand, managed to secure their place in the UEFA Champions League.

However, there is no European company The season is very depressing As Real Madrid.

Not because he has not won any of the four titles he has played. And only one The biggest embarrassments in its history, When he was eliminated by the Alcoyano team of the third division of Spain in the Copa del Rey.

Real Madrid He went through tough moments on the field throughout the campaign, believing it was impossible for something to happen this Monday.

Spain coach Luiz Enrique has named 24 players for the next European Championship, none of whom are players. Real Madrid. That’s right: no player from their country has come to the biggest UEFA national team tournament at the world’s biggest club.

The White House made a number of mistakes that led to the renewal of two of the biggest idols in its history: it seems that Zinedine Zidane will not continue as a coach and that Sergio Ramos is signing that he will sign with another club.

As the game is not enough to fail, The Real Madrid The most hated club in the world closes this season. Because its leader is Florentino Perez, the leader of the failed attempt to create European Super League, An elite competition for the best Europeans. Pedantic, selfish, stingy. This is the current thinking of many Real Madrid.

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The club has this image in other years, but on the field it shines. However, the 2020-2021 season was a disgrace on and off the field.

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